Oil On Wood

Genre > Expressionnisme

  • Oil Painting-on Wood-gustave Alaux-painter-bordeaux-marine-corsairs-1930s
  • Ancient Paintings, Three Landscape Oils Dated 1909, Signature Deciphered
  • Old Painting Hsp Portrait Of A Woman Signed Twentieth
  • Beautiful Painting Of Pillot Lake Como Argegno Italy
  • Goat Keeper Kabylie 1934 Algeria P. Capek. Oil / Wood. Frame 55x48cm
  • Alain Trez Oil On Wooden Sign Signed
  • Dina Frumina Ancient Painting 52-46 Cm 1950-s
  • Elie Bernadac Martigues The Bird Mirror Oil On Panel
  • Table 1909 Ferdinand Pineau Chaillou Nantes Brittany
  • Leon Schwarz Abrys 1905-1990 Impressionist Painting School Of Paris Montmartre
  • Louis Nattero Oil On Panel Ile Aux Oiseaux Rare And Superb
  • Expressionist Expressionist Flemish School Expressionism Belgium
  • Table Adorable Oil On Panel Girls Sitting On A Bench, Spirit 1900
  • Leo Nyssen 1897-1945 / Oil On Wood /
  • Agay Red Rocks Esterel Seaside. Oil / Wood Signed. Table 72x61 Cm
  • Philippe Cara Costea (1925-2006) Hsp Young Painting Couple Nl Ecole De Paris
  • Gustave Poetzsch Oil On Panel Circa 1900