Oil On Wood

Eugene Galien Laloue Oil On Wood Panel Signed

Eugene Galien Laloue Oil On Wood Panel Signed
Eugene Galien Laloue Oil On Wood Panel Signed

Eugene Galien Laloue Oil On Wood Panel Signed    Eugene Galien Laloue Oil On Wood Panel Signed

Original oil painting on wood panel, hand-signed L. Dupuis (pseudonym Léon Dupuis) at the bottom right corner. Condition: see photographs; good; slight defects at panel borders (marks of previous frame).

Dimensions: 15.8x22.2 cm. Free hand delivery possible in Paris by appointment.

The artwork is sold with an invoice including a detailed description.

Eugène Galien-Laloue, birth name Eugène Gallien Laloue, also known under pseudonyms. De Léon Dupuy, Eugène Dupuy, Juliany, Eugène Galiany, Jacques Liévin, Eugène Lemaitre, Maurice Lenoir, Dumoutier and A. Born on December 11, 1854 and died on April 18, 1941. He is famous for his urban landscapes.

His father, the theater decorator painter Charles Laloue, marries Marie Eudoxie Lambert on December 29, 1853. Laloue is born on December 11 of the following year. He is baptized in the parish the following January. He is a student of...

whose influence he undergoes but does not belong to. After his father's death in 1870, he has to leave school to look for work, being the eldest of a family of nine boys.

His mother places him with a notary. Cheating on his age, he enlists to serve in the...He is recruited by the... To draw the layout of the tracks from Paris to the provincial stations; he takes the opportunity to paint the surrounding landscapes, then the...of which he produces a considerable number of gouaches, taking care to respect the layout of the...

He varies the tone of the sky, the appearance of trees and lighting according to the seasons by animating the places with characters, particularly fond of the effects of wet sidewalks in the rain or snow. His work is also closely linked to the landscapes of villages in the Île-de-France region.

In 1874, he stays in...where he paints sunsets and sunrises, as well as scenes of farmyards, farmyards in...An artist who will not have a career, but whose name Eugène Galien-Laloue will take up as a pseudonym, giving him a second life to make him known to artistic circles. On the Butte Montmartre, he paints La Foire de Montmartre, Place Pigalle, as well as the construction site of the...

In 1892, he marries for the second time the sister of his first wife, Ernestine Bardin, who gives him a daughter, Flore Marie Agnès, on February 4, 1893. That same year, he works at...But his solitary nature does not fit with this place.

He is not mobilized due to his voluntary commitment in 1870 and his age, but he made a large number of drawings, watercolors of military scenes in 1914. His daughter leaves her father's home after her marriage in 1919.

Ernestine Bardin dies in 1925. He then marries the third sister of his previous wives, Claire Bardin, in 1930. Widowed again in 1933, he moves in with his daughter Flore in 1935. In 1940 he goes into exile in...Unable to paint anymore due to a fractured arm.The artistic production of this artist, under his own name or under a pseudonym, was prolific, and his commercial success attracted imitators whose pastiches are common in the art market. He had two studios, one at 4...In 1877, and the second at 24...where he worked in 1886. In 1906 he moved to...He died on April 18, 1941 in his daughter's country house in...and was buried in the communal cemetery.
Eugene Galien Laloue Oil On Wood Panel Signed    Eugene Galien Laloue Oil On Wood Panel Signed