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Table Venice Pierre Gogois

Table Venice Pierre Gogois
Table Venice Pierre Gogois

Table Venice Pierre Gogois   Table Venice Pierre Gogois

For sale magnificent oil on Gogois stone table panel representing a sunset in Venice. Size of the piece: h 38 cm W 55 cm. \Ierre Gogois is a painter, landscape, portrait painter, ceramist, decorator and fresco painter French born in 1935. Pierre Gogois is one of those artists whose Luvre was marked dramatically by the conflict between abstraction and figuration.

He began his career of painter with abstract paintings and then a promising young artists labstraction gestures. For fifteen years Gogois stone is a work full of energy vital. It uses the zebra colors often intertwined to create his paintings a dynamic impression.

Its abstraction is spontaneous, and draws the heart of emotions, without any concession to the concept or lintellect. He exhibited at the Salon of May, in the lounge of the new realities, the biennial Paris. It is noticed by Lucia Durand, who devotes a solo exhibition in his gallery in 1962.

Gogois also runs abstract ceramics, including a work commissioned by 10 meter hotel tower in fréjus mara. It then develops a style to which he always remained loyal, with a touch full of material at the service of a expressionist style. It pays special attention to light and its variations. Seize the moment when the light sapprête to disappear at dusk, is an artistic motivations Gogois landscape. Without ever deviating from the path that became his, stone built Gogois a representative work of French Expressionism of the twentieth century, this artistic movement which is only beginning to recognize the importance, if this is not, unfortunately, to identify.

Gogois painted on the pattern of urban landscapes at dusk and exalts paris lights. The landscape is not the only stone Gogois passion: the portrait is another.

Pan of his artistic concerns. Pierre Gogois captures the personalities of his models, often known figures in the art world and the media, with a particular brush. It tracks the light on the flats and frames, to make the character of his subject, and that it deals with funds gestural force of his abstract beginnings.

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  1. artist: stone Gogois <\/ li>
  2. Features: signed <\/ li>
  3. Type: Oil <\/ li>
  4. type: Expressionism <\/ li>
  5. style: not specified <\/ li>
  6. Theme: Landscape <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Table Venice Pierre Gogois   Table Venice Pierre Gogois