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Ruytchi Souzouki Rare And Beautiful Oil On Wood Signed Erotique Atelier Peintre

Ruytchi Souzouki Rare And Beautiful Oil On Wood Signed Erotique Atelier Peintre

Ruytchi Souzouki Rare And Beautiful Oil On Wood Signed Erotique Atelier Peintre    Ruytchi Souzouki Rare And Beautiful Oil On Wood Signed Erotique Atelier Peintre
Provenance of the sale of the artist's studio in 1986. Stamp of the sale on the back. Work signed lower right excellent condition. Framing very correct, large black stained wood stick. Some usual rubbing on the wood of the frame. Dimensions of the frame: approximately 68x59cm dimensions of the wooden panel: approximately 55,5x46cm - cf visuals ... Work of a rare quality !! for more information on this painter unjustly unknown, you can visit the site. As well as the biographical note below found on the site. Ruytchi souzouki is a painter, decorator, illustrator, lithographer, engraver and critic of Japanese art. Born in 1904 in Japan, he has spent his entire career in Paris. Ruychi Suzuki began his artistic training in his country, where he received the teaching of the master sanzo wada. The latter, who studied in Europe between 1907 and 1915, introduced his pupil to Western art. But it is his arrival in Brazil that will decide the destiny of ruychi souzouki. Ruychi's father actually moves to rio de janeiro for professional reasons. At the School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro, the young man begins to develop a work so original that impresses a strong paul, then visiting Brazil. The poet encourages the young man to settle in Paris and opens the doors of the Parisian artistic community.

Paul fort organizes the first exhibition of ruychi souzouki upon his arrival in Paris. The brothers manual gallery, in which the event takes place, publishes on this occasion a catalog prefaced by andré salmon. Ruytchi Souzouki integrates quickly into the world of Japanese artists living in Paris. It is connected with foujita and saïto, and meets the patron jirohachi satsuma. This group consists of Japanese artists who arrived in Paris, fascinated by Western art.

They adopt the rules and research, enriching them with their own personal and cultural imagination. Foujita is passionate about the traditional conception of art in the West, and the role of drawing as the foundation of the painted work. Yoshishige Saito turns to abstraction. Deshima seeks the synthesis between a traditional Japanese treatment and the subject to local.

Ruytchi souzouki, for his part, is fascinated by the expression of psyche in the work of art through various steps of figurative avant-garde. He takes up the progress of the painters of the school of Paris such as pascin, or max ernst, with whom he establishes a friendly relationship. His search for the expression of psychic movements naturally leads him to embrace the surrealist approach. With the surrealists, ruytchi souzouki discovers the practice of automatic drawing and collage, techniques to which he will remain faithful all his existence. Another characteristic of ruychi suzuki is his appropriation of elements of popular culture such as the soap opera, the detective story, the movie artists.

He creates characters around fantômas, sherlock holmes or arsène lupine. It also captures film actors, martine carol, or writers, such marcel proust, to draw their portraits by strange collages, inspired by the techniques of darcimboldo. During the war, his Japanese citizenship prevented him from exhibiting but he returned to fame at the end of hostilities. Once again, as before the war, he presents works at the Salon d'Automne, the Salon des Tuileries and the Salon des Independants.

He shares his life with a painter, madeleine menard. Ruytchi Souzouki exhibited surrealist collages at the gallery paul petrides in 1954 as well as at the galerie romanet. He collaborated with the bizarre magazine (No. 1, 3 and 4) in 1956.

Over the years, he gradually ceases to maintain relations with his contemporaries, but continues to draw and paint alone in his studio. Ruytchi suzuki dies in destitution and died in 1985. He is buried in the mass grave, nobody having come to claim his remains. The fate of Ruytchi Suzouki resonates strongly with that of the accursed painters of Montmartre and Montparnasse, who, like Van Gogh or Modigliani, fascinated imaginations so much. The destiny of his work is just as varied.

A work with contradictory destinies. The workshop set was scattered in drouot on March 3, 1986.

The possessions of the painter that were not sold end up in the dump. The canvases that were sold to drouot unfortunately remain unknown to the amateurs, for a perverse reason of homonymy.

The memory of ruychi Suzouki suffers from the similarity of its name with that of the painter ryoso souzouki. The latter enjoys indeed greater readability.

As for his work, it is saved in part from the destruction by the concierge of the painter who, while he was in charge of trashing the possessions of ruytchi souzouki that nobody had claimed, keeps preciously his notebooks of drawing before putting them in sale. The painter and designer albert mescam notices these drawings on a flea market and has them published in editions of the factory (souzouki drawings of 1935. Currently, a group of collectors and collectors is trying to revive the memory of ruychi suzouki, among which must be noted for his work the gallery owner Francois Deneulin, creator of the site of the artist.

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Ruytchi Souzouki Rare And Beautiful Oil On Wood Signed Erotique Atelier Peintre    Ruytchi Souzouki Rare And Beautiful Oil On Wood Signed Erotique Atelier Peintre