Oil On Wood


  • Old Painting, Oil On Panel Early 19th, Scene, To Identify, Painting
  • Hsp Oil On Wood Panel 19eme L. Cholet Painting Table
  • 19th Century Oil On Wood On Wooden Panel Bouquet Of Flowers And Butterfly +++++
  • Rare Jules Monge Painting (1855-1934) Military Soldier Ec. Prov. 19th
  • Still Life 19th Flowers And Fruits Golden Frame
  • Table 19th On Wood Portrait Girl Leon Comerre
  • Portrait Miniature Nineteenth Century Military Breastplate Tricorne Hat 19th
  • Old Oil Painting Painting On Wood Panel 19th Sign A. Desruches
  • Hsp Oil On Panel 19th 2 Heads Of Cow Signed Rosa Bonheur
  • Lantannel Sublime Painting Oil On Wood Barbizon School H S P Signed 19th C
  • Table End 19th Wittmann
  • Fernand Viola Henri Iv And The Courtesan Oil On Wood 19th
  • Table 19th View Of Delft Holland Netherlands Vermmeer On Wood
  • Little Painting Of The 19th Century Barbizon School 19th Century Painting
  • French School Of The 19th Horses Muses Oil S / Linen Collée On Wood
  • Painting Painting 19th Marine Marseille Our Lady Signature Italo Giordani
  • Oil On Wood 19th Impressionist Franche-comté